2018 Knitting Tour - USA - Installment

  • 2018 Knitting Tour - USA - Installment

2018 Knitting Tour - USA - Installment


2018 Knitting Tour Membership - Ships to United States addresses

Join other intrepid armchair travelers as our travel-themed club visits four interesting knitterly destinations. Our shipments will send you around the world with four themed packages, each containing a new and exclusive colorway on one of our favorite base yarns, a coordinating pattern, souvenirs and treats, and our travel guide that brings each destination to life.

Of course, the travel is all imaginary. But you’ll be able to picture yourself in each destination with the four great accessories we’ll be knitting and wearing together. Our four fabulous designers for 2018 are, in no particular order, Janina Kallio, Ambah O'Brien, Ysolda Teague, and Jennifer Weissman

The projects will be a variety of shawls and wraps. The yarn weights included in the club will range from heavy laceweight to light worsted, and Babs will dye original and club-exclusive colorways for each shipment.

All four shipments will have a colorway choice this year.  One will be a Gradient Set with a background color and each of the other destinations will have either a monochrome (semi-solid) or variegated option!

In general, if you’re a newer knitter, these projects will help build skills and gently stretch your knitting muscles. For experienced knitters, these will be relaxing and fun. We also have a Ravelry group for all your travel anticipation, excitement, knit-alongs, questions, knitting support, and prizes. 
The details:

The 2018 Knitting Tour includes four shipments.

Each package will contain:

  • Yarn specifically dyed for the destination, evocative of the destination
  • A pattern designed in the yarn and color, evocative of the destination
  • Any sundries necessary for the design (beads, buttons, etc; needles are not included)
  • Souvenirs chosen to tie the design to the destination
  • A booklet of information about the destination

Packages will ship in March, June, September, and December.

The patterns will also be added to your Ravelry library for easy reference.

Our Tour Guide will be available in our Ravelry group to address any concerns you may have about the trip, and help with any knitting questions.

This is an installment payment for the full club (there is no partial club membership). Your first payment reserves your spot. Your second payment will be due in mid February. We'll send a few reminder emails so no one misses out!

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