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Garden Memories - 2023 Festive Set - Avon

Garden Memories - 2023 Festive Set - Avon

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We were dreaming of the garden colors we wanted to bring inside with us - the soft petals, delicate insect wings, reflections of the sky on water, hints of soil and leaves.

This set is soft and warm, with creamy purples, quiet blue, gentle turquoise, rusty orange, and olive greens.

This listing is for a 25-color, unwrapped Avon (fingering weight) Festive Set. Avon is 85% Merino Wool, 15% Silk. You will receive 25 different colorways in 80-yard mini skeins. These sets flow in and out of color families and tones. These sets include the yarn only.

We've put together these sets to work with Ambah O'Brien's Festive KAL 2023. Because the yarn in each set is specially packaged, yarn winding is not available.

Of course, you can do whatever you wish with the yarn! We've also put together a Pinterest board of pattern ideas as well as a Ravelry bundle of patterns - these patterns may use only part of the 25 color set, and/or may require a larger skein of a main color, but hopefully, this kick-starts your imagination!

Festive Yarn Sets will ship in their own boxes.

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