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Little Beau Sheep Mixed Flock Laundry Balls - Notions

Little Beau Sheep Mixed Flock Laundry Balls - Notions

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These felted laundry balls are a reusable, chemical free, natural fabric softener and will last for thousands of loads. Each pack of 3 sheep dryer balls are made with 100g of natural, undyed wool. They are 100% wool roving to the core with no fillers and not made from wrapped yarn so they can’t unravel. They may pill slightly over time with use but this will not affect their performance and you can just trim this off to keep them looking beautiful! As wool is a natural fiber, and this product is made by hand, there may be variations in size and color compared to those in the image shown. Laundry balls are approximately 2.75” in diameter.

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