A Pox on You - Wild Silk - Babette

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  • A Pox on You - Wild Silk - Babette

A Pox on You - Wild Silk - Babette

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Originally developed for Halloween, A Pox on You features natural cream randomly dappled with purple, green, black, and orange.

This colorway can be highly variable, so feel free to give us a call for a current description of what we have, or if you have any questions about the color.

This colorway is a Babette: every skein and every batch is a bit different, but Babs has a method of recreating these artistic colorways. The photograph is an example of representative skeins from this colorway; the skein you receive may differ somewhat.

Wild Silk

Wild Silk is a Tussah silk laceweight with a slightly matte, "toothy" finish. It has wonderful drape, and is ideal for shawls, while also great for weaving. Nm 20/2. Undyed Wild Silk is a honey tan, not white or cream, so colorways with very light or undyed areas will look different on this yarn.

Size: 1250 yd / 4.2 oz (1143m / 120g) skeins
Content: 100% Tussah silk
Gauge: Lace weight. Dependent on pattern.
Care Instructions: Hand wash, dry flat.

Wild Silk has been discontinued. All discounted sales are final.

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