Berlin - Yasmin - Babette

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  • Berlin - Yasmin - Babette

Berlin - Yasmin - Babette

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Originally created for the 2012 Miss Babs Knitting Tour.

My inspiration photo for this colorway was a set of night pictures of Berlin with all the bright lights of cars, neon, buildings, and all sorts of signs. The colors are sometimes garish and bright, but at the same time magical! The beauty of the gray and black base underlying the other colors (which can include yellow, red, green, and blue) is that it will mute and soften the brightness so that they all play nice in the knitting.

Each skein is unique, just as each person's experience of the same city is unique.


While we call this a ‘Repeatable Babette’, every skein and every batch is a bit different. This colorway is also highly variable, so feel free to give us a call for a current description of what we have, or if you have any questions about the color.


Yasmin is a 2-ply Merino and Tussah silk laceweight. This yarn is good for crisp, lightweight lace projects, and durable for items that will be well-worn.

Size: 1250 yd / 4.3 oz (1143m / 122g) skeins
Content: 80% Merino wool, 20% Tussah silk
Gauge: Lace weight. Dependent on pattern.
Care Instructions: Hand wash, dry flat.

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