Rambling about the Studio and Being Back Home

So we've been back in the studio for most of the past month busily dyeing for orders from shows, for the Bliss Trunk Show that was 10 days ago in Brentwood (Nashville, TN), as well as some special things for Thanksgiving and the gift season.  It has been wonderful to get some full nights of sleep, to spend some time with our loved ones who don't see us much during October when we're at the end of prepping for shows and then being on the road.

I missed the last of the zinnias before the first frost.  Now I have the leftover sentinels, which I haven't yet pulled out of the garden, but there is something I love about their color even now. 

I haven't started walking the dogs again in the morning yet, because I've been too tired, and every morning I think about how cold it is, but I think Monday will see us back out for an early morning walk and run. It's hard to get some things back into your routine when you've been busy, busy.

This morning as I was letting the dogs out and the chill swept in the door, I thought about how glad I was that Ron has gotten the wood stove going this past week.  The chimney had its annual check-up by the chimney sweep, and we have some wood laid in. But we need some more to make it through the winter.

This is the time of the year when I really start thinking about next year. So I've been swatching with yarns for next year...thinking about new patterns for samples and about colors for our club. I've also been able to play some as I developed the gradients, and more are coming.  Some of the new ones will move from one color family to another. I see some of the color combos being reflective of color families that nature likes to put together. These have to simmer for a bit in my mind's eye before they get converted into dye and onto yarn. But I am betting that something from those zinnias will happen this winter.

All for now, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family and friends!






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Love your yarns!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

diane logusch

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