Miss Babs offers yarn support to designers in two different ways: through our formal pattern collections, and independently.

Our Collections

Miss Babs works with knitting designers to create themed collections of designs twice a year. Each collection is built over several months prior to being released in the early spring and fall. Read our blog post for a more extensive peek behind the scenes at how it comes together.

We work with designers to develop new colorways, and provide tech editing, photography, and layout design for the collection. Designers always retain all rights to their designs from day one of publication.

If you have ideas, or know someone who would be interested in designing, please contact Stef at patterns@stitchcraftmarketing.com to receive future calls for submissions! 

Independently Published Designs

In addition to our own pattern collections, we also provide yarn support to knitting and crochet designers for their independently published designs.

We ask designers interested in using our yarn for an upcoming pattern to send us a sketch, swatch, and description of the garment to info@missbabs.com, together with a link to other designs you've created. When we receive these emails we review them to see if they are something that will work well with our yarns and appeal to our customers.

To help us understand how your design will work, please specify:

  • Yarn base
  • Approximate yardage used
  • Color suggestions
  • Overall size and ease (if relevant)

(Pro tip: we love one-skein wonders and aren't big fans of seed stitch. Projects that are adjustable to the amount of yarn in a skein or will work for multiple gauges are also favorites!)

If we think the design is a good match for our customers and yarns, we discuss colorways with the designer, sometimes picking from the existing range, sometimes developing specific colorways, depending on the situation. 

Once we have selected or developed the colorways, yarn is sent to the designer. We ask for designers to let us know a week or two in advance of releasing the pattern, so we have time to make sure the yarn is available, especially if there are special colorways. We know how frustrating it can be to see an exciting new design, and not be able to find the yarn and the colorways you want!

If you are a designer with an idea you want to share, we hope you'll get in touch! We hope to meet lots of new people in 2019 and beyond!