About Us

So who are we? It is a we, not just a me kind of business.

First of all, yes, there IS a Miss Babs! It is a name that came from my husband, a Southerner, who uses it as an endearment. It seemed natural to use that name since other people had taken to calling me that as well. Over the years, this business has grown to include the efforts of 18 full-time and 3 part-time employees. Not everyone works here in the studio – but most do.

About our Yarns

Babs and the Miss Babs Team have been dyeing beautiful yarns in our studio in the mountains of eastern Tennessee since 2005. Miss Babs offers a wide variety of yarn bases from lace to chunky in a stunning range of colorways. Between our semi-solids, repeatable variegated colors (Babettes), and one of a kind colors (Wild Irises) we hope to have the right color for your next project. 

We love seeing the colors that occur in nature and playing off them to create yarns that evoke the emotional impact of the natural world. We are always happy to help pick out the appropriate yarn base or color for your upcoming project and continually work with designers to create new patterns that are perfect for our yarns.

The Team at Miss Babs

Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns and Fibers is a woman-owned business, employing a like-minded group of people who are hard-working and often hard-talking. We like loud music, telling our stories and the truth, supporting each other, sharing tears and laughter, all the while getting a good day's worth of work done. We join together to get things done, and are proud of our accomplishments. A number of us are the primary or only breadwinners in our households. For the rest of us it is an important component of the family income. We do not take the success of this business lightly.

What we Believe In

We all believe a good day's work is good for the soul. None of us backs off from hard work. At shows, people often lament about how long we've been on our feet, and it is true days at shows can be hard on the legs and feet, but we also stand for long hours every day doing our work. For the most part, this is not sitting down work!

Customer Service

We know our customers are critical to our lifeblood and we all believe in great customer service. We like to receive it and so we think it is imperative to provide it to our customers.

Meet the Miss Babs team!




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Skeinmaker Extraordinaire


Inventory Manager


Studio Assistant


Packing & Shipping


Assistant Dyer


Studio Assistant


Studio Assistant


Studio Assistant


Studio Assistant


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Studio Assistant


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Assistant Dyer


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Studio Assistant


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