My, Oh My...the Year Has Flown By Fast!!

I simply cannot believe that we are here in December and I am thinking about cleaning out and starting fresh. I know, I know I am a bit early with this, but last weekend I managed to clean one of my attics out (yes, there are two of them in my house on either side of the knee walls.) In part, I needed to do this is because there is enough stuff in there that it's hard to get at the Christmas decorations, and also because I feel a need to declutter. 

Some of the things that were in there included old chair cushions, luggage that neither I nor my husband would ever use again, plus the things people have left with us over the years. They indicated no interest in coming and getting said stuff. And when I was younger, I was willing to hold on to stuff for people, but really....if they haven't needed it for the past 6, 7, or 8 years....when will they ever need it?  After contacting them, they indicated they were not interested in what they left behind so it got loaded into bags, loaded into the Rav, and it all went to a local charity.  

And can you believe it?  There was yarn in the attic and the spare room as well.  Some of it was rug yarn that I saved because I did some awesome natural dyes.  But the rest of it went to a community center that has a knitting group - fun fur, ribbon yarn, and much more! Here I am with my friend Sandi who picked it up today.


I am also thinking about life changes that I need to make.  Yes, resolution time is early for me this year as well. One of the things I want to embrace is a different start to each day.  The need to declutter is tied to this desire.  I want to rescue one of my guest bedrooms on the second floor as a room to use for starting my day.  I would like to be able to write, meditate, and do yoga comfortably there. One of the important parts of setting up a space/place like this is that it needs to feel safe.  I have spent very little time upstairs since we built this house and so I really am unfamiliar with the space on a personal level. This may all sound crazy, but there are places I now love to sit or stand or just 'be' in my house and my studio; going upstairs is a change for me.  I want to embrace it, but I am not always comfortable with the idea of this change. 


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Ahh Babs, Me too.. sometimes we have to say goodbye to fibers and crafts and things we love to reclaim the space we need to enjoy the lovelies we keep.

Jacqui Isbill

I have come to the same place that you are. I have got to de-clutter, organize, repair, and de-stress. I wish you the best on your new journey!


All trips start with the first step. Declutter, yoga, be upstairs and if one day it doesn’t happen right, worry not, there will be tomorrow and you can start again. Best of luck. Not easy stuff to do, but so good when it’s done. These ideas on these very short days… i think it makes sense… I love my yoga… namaste!


After my step-mother, who raised me, passed away I had to undertake the cleaning out and selling of her home. Things were not in good order and it made me realize I never wanted my daughter to have to go through this. When we moved from a home we lived in for more than 30 years a major purge took place. Now we have a home with neither attic or cellar, just a garage. I’ve done quite well, with the big exception of my yarn stash! I think I have to live to be 150 to finish it all up. Oh well, I have tried……

Pat Leventhal

Change is never easy. My mother passed away last weekend and as my sister and I are sifting through things looking for certain earrings, nail polish, etc it has definitely made me rethink doing my own cleanup. Life is about change. Good luck with your changes

Lisa Hawn

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