Winner from the Last Post

We picked the winner from our Thanksgiving giveaway today, and I couldn't be happier with the wisdom of the Random Number Generator! 


The winning comment was from Sandra J:

"I’m thankful that after nearly a year and a half of being out of work, I got a job last month! Don’t make enough to buy yarn right now, but I’m also thankful that I have a stash and a future."


I have emailed her to ask which color of Ephemeral she would like, and we will be sending her yarn, pattern, and needles early next week!


Have a good weekend, all, and may it be full of wonderful yarn!

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Sandra—so glad you won—both with a new job and with getting this lovely yarn!


Congrats Sandra J! :D


I am so pleased that you have found a job! I have been in that position this year, too, and ended up having to accept a position that pays $500 per month less than what I was making just to keep my pension. My yarn budget has taken a serious hit – so I am VERY happy that you have won this treat!

(And I am so grateful for my stash.)



Sandra J
Please message me on Ravelry (craftycop) – I have something for you too, from one yarn addict to another! Congrats on both the job and this contest :)


Congrats, Sandra — on the job and on winning this prize package!


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