Heading West

This coming week is all Stitches and all #StitchesWest! We have been able to ship quite a bit of yarn in spite of the fact that Jen H. wasn't there to dye and process and wash yarn like she normally is.  Everyone else in the studio stepped up to help out! 

In spite of how much we have shipped, I actually have some extra that I dyed to leave here for the website so that those of you not going to Santa Clara will still have some things to check out and pick from.  You can expect that yarn will be going up on the website throughout this coming week as it gets twisted and counted!

The weather has not been kind to any of us on the eastern side of the US this week with plenty of snow, and now some rain and chill here.  But this coming week should be delightful with warmer temperatures. This is when I wish I could be in 2 places at once to experience the great weather here and in California.  

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I can’t wait until Stitches South so I can get some more of your breathtaking yarn. I bought 5 skeins last year and turned them into scarves. I’ve moved on to lace shawls and need some more!

Mary e

I fell in LUV with your yarn last year at StitchesWest!! Bought (2) Yowza skeins in like a Tiffany Blue. Had my eyes open for you all this year as well and found a beautiful Marigold/orange color. Excited to begin a project with it – lovely! Added your site to my Favs dropdown for quick access. Will DEFINITELY purchase more of your products in the future! And the CA weather was AWESOME for StitchesWest – woulda thought it was summer :)


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