Vacation, Workshop Classes, and Asheville Nostalgia

It's been a quick week.  But isn't that always the way with a vacation week? When you are dreaming about it weeks before, you think about all the things you are going to get done, or not do, on those 9 long days. So now it's over. I did not get done near what I had on my list, but I did get some very important things done, or not done. I actually relaxed. My mind has calmed. I had some nice talks with my husband. I cleaned some of my closet out. I did some drawing. I did some doodling. I did not dye, I did not dye, I did not dye.  

Because I was on vacation, I was able to actually take some classes at the Friends and Fiberworks Summer Retreat in the Asheville, NC area.  Franklin Habit was teaching some classes, and I have always wanted to take classes with him.  It was a great time, and I learned a lot!

Often when I go to Asheville, I am "on task," headed to SAFF and I don't have the time or the energy to really think about things on a personal level. Asheville is not only where I met my husband when I was 20, it was also a place of growth for me.  I changed from a teenager to young adult.  I lived on my own for the first time. I began a course of training at A-B Tech in Culinary Arts that has influenced me throughout my adult life. I met that man who became my husband. I bought my first car (a 1960 Rambler American.) I learned to drive that car on long drives.

Ron and I often came back to Asheville to see his parents until they died in the mid-90's. When we moved to Northeast Tennessee, I went back to Asheville as I developed my fiber interests where I often wandered the aisles of Earth Guild as I grew as a knitter, weaver, spinner, and dyer.  

The very first fiber show that I did as a dyer was at SAFF which is held just outside of Asheville in Fletcher, NC. on the fourth weekend of October.  

Much of my life has intertwined with events that occurred and continue to occur in Asheville.  So when I saw these long views as I headed into Asheville last week, I felt melancholy, nostalgia, sadness and happiness for who I was, and who I have become.  Very complex feelings.  I did a little wandering around town, and it's amazing how the roads are still known even though some of the scenery has changed. 

We get back to the business of Miss Babs this week, but let me tell you, these short 9 days gave me rest and time to catch my breath. Just what we all need from a vacation.


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I have always wanted to visit Asheville, especially the Vanderbuilt mansion there! I just “discovered” your website via Susan B Anderson, I look forward to your emails/newsletter :)
~Erika in NH


Gradient set Play on African Starling could also be named view of Asheville. Colors are quite close. Glad you had a relaxing vacation, as you definitely deserve it! See you at SAFF!!

b richards

Loved this post. We visited Asheville for the first time earlier this year and just loved it! We will be back.


Glad u enjoyed Asheville. I grew up in Brevard, near A’ville. I love ur yarn!

Beverly Hill

Glad u enjoyed Asheville. I grew up in Brevard, near A’ville. I love ur yarn!

Beverly Hill

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