This Week in the Studio - 5.23.2016

This Week in the Studio - 5.23.2016

It's been two weeks since Maryland Sheep & Wool, and we have all started getting caught up on our rest. Now we are in that magical last month before vacation. Our studio shut-down is the week of June 13 to 17.  Everyone is starting to talk about what, where, and getting their things together. Many of us will head to the beach, Helen is going for a two week trip to England, Jen is doing a part of the AT (Appalachian Trail) and I will be doing a staycation where I enjoy my home without anyone here! I even had a chance to buy and plant some colorful zinnias and geraniums.

Freshly planted color

Enough of vacation chatter! This week we will be dyeing for our next destination of the Miss Babs Knitting Tour, so we can all be on vacation together! No pictures...but lots of dyeing and twisting and labeling. We are also working hard to dye colors that folks have requested.

While we are getting ready for a show like Maryland, we often push and don't take care of some things that take "too much time." This is one of those weeks when we will be doing those chores to get the studio cleaned up more. Dealing with untidy skeins, cleaning up my desk area in the studio - yes, I am a piler of stuff, figuring out what needs to come and go.

Yowza piled up


Weeks like this are when we think about what samples we need to have knit for our next shows, contact designers about projects, and think about what new yarns and colors we would like to have developed for next year.  Some things can be done on the fly, but many things require longer planning trajectories. 

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Are you going to be at stitches Midwest with your usual big selection of yarns??


So glad you are all able to get some much needed rest. I ordered some new colors and it is quite lovely. Your team is so talented and wonderful. Thank you all.


Having sample your yarns at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. All of you deserve a well deserved vacation. Try not to think yarn!

Sharon MW

Enjoy that well-deserved vacation! And now, I’d like to change my tour choice to all of the above. Rest well. Rejuvenate, and know that you are appreciated.

Meg Carroll

Oh the yumminess! You ladies work hard… I’m glad you play hard too!

Sheila C

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