Stitches Midwest 2015 - New Samples

Our crack team of sample knitters have been knitting speedily away at a fantastic assortment of new samples for our summer and fall shows. We have so many new things to show you!
We're loading up the final set of boxes and we'll be on the road to Schaumburg bright and early tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see lots of folks at Stitches!


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Karen M.

Please come to Oregon next year ( now I want to sing “Hey Ramblin Man”). We have the Black Sheep Gathering, Mid-Summer Spin In, and Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. Take you pick. I will buy lots of yarn and help show you the sights even.

Jane Bradbury

Ahhhh, the lovely Miss Babs! I spent most of my Stitches Midwest budget at Miss Babs. To touch and see the yarn in person is simply divine. I order online but in person is a feast for the eyes and fingers. One project already on my needles! Thank you for your gorgeousness.

Ruby Cruse

I am still loving all the Miss Babs yarn I got at DFW Fiber Fest. I have not been to a Stitches event yet so I was bowled over at DFW Fiber Fest with Miss Babs yarn available there. I love your yarn.

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