Fall 2015 Shows - New Samples

We thought we'd added a lot of new samples in time for Stitches Midwest, but we're adding even more for Rhinebeck and SAFF. Here's what's new for the booth:

Portage in Carnelian Yowza

Sunwalker in Hazel Eyes Katahdin

Sunwalker shawl in Hazel Eyes Katahdin

Drachenfels in 3 colors of Yummy 2-Ply: Clematis, Marine, and Ghoulish

Drachenfels shawl in 3 colors

Two options for the Therapy shawlette, both in Yummy 2-Ply:

One in Franklin and Terra

Therapy in Franklin and Terra Yummy 2-Ply

Another in Slate and Dusk

Therapy shawl in Slate and Dusk Yummy 2-Ply

Nurmilintu in Mantis Keira

Nurmilintu in Mantis Keira

City Paths in Pyrope Keira

City Paths cowl in Pyrope Keira

Tardiva Poncho in Denim Killington

Tardiva poncho


Poly Chevron Cowl in the Tintype Polydactyl Set (a free pattern for this cowl will be available soon)

Poly Chevron Cowl

And finally Seasmoke in Oyster Killington!

Seasmoke in Oyster Killington

The team is converging on upstate New York today and we'll be busy setting up on Friday. As always, we can't wait to see you at Rhinebeck!

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