Poly Chevron Cowl Color Ideas

I created the Poly Chevron Cowl as a way to bring together the colors in our Polydactyl Sets for an accessory that's easy to knit and wear. This cowl is knit in the round, using a provisional cast on, and the two ends are grafted together.
Poly Chevron Cowl
Poly cowl hanging
I got a chance to play with some yarn this morning and put together some other color combinations that might make a great Poly Chevron Cowl. 
In the pattern, six of the seven colors are worked in large blocks while the seventh color separates them with skinny stripes. In the sample, I’ve chosen the lightest color in the set, Muslin, to be the skinny stripe. If you have a variegated color, it might be a good choice for your skinny stripes. (Of course, you can choose your own stripe pattern as well!)
So to start off, here's Tintype - the original set from the pattern:
Tintype set
Other Polydactyl Sets of course will work... what about Perfectly Wreckless? For this set, the variegated color - Perfectly Wreckless itself - might make good skinny stripes.
Perfectly Wreckless set
Or maybe you have a Gradient Set hanging around, wondering what to do next with it. Here's the Perseus Gradient Set with Perfectly Wreckless for a highly contrasting variegated pop color...
Gradient with variegated
And the Pleiades Gradient Set with Spread Your Wings as a coordinating variegated pop color.
Purple gradient with variegated
Variegated yarn not your thing? Consider a solid contrast color that pops - here I've paired Frog Belly with the Perseus set...
Gradient with pop color
Or what about a neutral? Here's Perseus and Oyster.
Gradient with Neutral
Or boldly set your colors apart with black - this is the Carmen gradient set and Blackbird.
Carmen gradient with Blackbird
Last but not least, this is a great opportunity to use up some leftovers! Maybe pair a Gradient Set with lots of skinny stripes - all different colors... or create your own stripe pattern from scratch! We'd love to see what you come up with! The Poly Chevron Cowl is a free pattern download on Ravelry, so check it out.
Poly Jen Cowl
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These are such beautiful combinations! Thank you for the free pattern!

I have added it to my queue. I love it!


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