Shy Babs

Shy!?@#! Heck no!!! But there are those who like photos of themselves and those who hate photos of themselves. I am in the Hate category. I don't care to see myself, just as I don't like hearing myself on the phone recording and so on.  I am probably just like many others this way.

But a customer of mine took this picture at SAFF this fall and when I opened it up, I said to myself...that actually isn't too bad.  So here it is:

[caption id="attachment_655" align="aligncenter" width="257" caption="Miss Babs at SAFF 2010"][/caption]

I am wearing my Daybreak, by Stephen West, and it was a great festival!

Oh and by the way, we are doing a little contest over on Facebook, go like us there before Friday, January 14 at noon.  We are giving away one skein of Windsor Sock Yarn, color of the winner's choice. We will be randomly selecting one winner from those who like our page!

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Yes…I have a note to do it and will try to get it done in the next few days (ths weekend!)

Miss Babs

Yay! you!


I am so like you..hate the photos, hate the voice recordings…but I do LOVE that picture!!


Have you thought about posting your Daybreak color pattern repeats yet?


“Like”: Check. :o)

It’s fun to “see” you for the first time. You look happy, and like you’re having quite the good time at SAFF.

Thanks so much for the contest!


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