Year's End and New Year's Thoughts

Year's End and New Year's Thoughts

The New Year always serves as a point in time that calls for reflection on the past year and thoughts about the coming year. This year is no different. This is a time when I tend to consider changes for the future.

And actually I have been pondering things since the end of the show season in November about what my responsibilities are for the coming year to family, business and self. Not necessarily in that order… but strongly focused on needs for my family. This year has brought health issues within my family to the forefront. I don’t want to go in to a lot of detail here but it is important for me to be available to take care of my family should the need arise.

My husband and I have decided to add Oliver, a black lab puppy, into our family after losing three of our fur babies in 2014/2015. We now have an animal “toddler” in our midst, who (cute as he is) requires lots of supervision and training as well.

The major change I have decided to make is to reduce our show schedule for this year – we will not be going to DFW, Stitches South, or Stitches Midwest. The reasoning for this is to reduce the constant show prep this year, so that I can take time with family. This also does not mean that we won’t come back to these shows – but I have to have some pressure relief. And means that we can continue to focus on providing quality colors and yarn bases for your projects.

I am also looking forward to having some time to try some new things and develop new colors and ideas for combinations of colors. And as always we are continuing to evaluate our selection of yarns and patterns and are looking forward to offering inspiring new projects in collaboration with a number of designers.

Another change that has been in process for a while is a revision to our logo and an update to the website. You will begin to see our new logo on tissue paper and business cards. We expect the update to the website to be complete by the end of January. This will include improvements to the mobile version of the site. We hope that these changes make the website easier to navigate and understand.

new logo

In another blog post, I will be sharing about Babettes and ways we hope to make them more understandable. This includes designating those colorways that are non-repeatable as a "Wild Iris" instead of a Babette. You will be seeing new stickers that designate these in the very near future.

Wild Iris Sticker Babette Sticker

I'm not sure what 2016 is going to bring, but knitting and crocheting and weaving is surely a wonderful way to keep our wits and calm about us. May you have health, prosperity, love and peace this year.

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I missed seeing you at some of the shows this year. I sure hope you can come back to DFW Fiber Fest in 2017. It was awesome in 2015 when you were there.

Besides shows, where can we find Miss Babs yarn? What yarn shops stock Miss Babs Yarns?



The reduction in show schedule is totally understandable and I wish you good health for you and your family in 2016. You must take care of yourself first for the business to thrive. Your faithful clients will wait patiently to see you at shows when and if you choose to return. Oliver is just precious. Take care!


Family always comes first! Oliver is adorable. Fortunately, I was able to experience your fabulous yarns at several Stitches South events, so I am completely comfortable ordering from the website. May you and the Miss Babs family have a blessed 2016.


Take care of yourself and family. Your yarn is lovely and availability on line! Will miss you at stitches Midwest!

Kathy C

So excited you’re scaling back for family and your furry pup! Love the new logo and the wild iris line. We wait in the long lines in Rhinebeck and am in awe for every beautiful skein I purchase. Thanks for doing what you do so incredibly well. Happy and Healthy to the
Miss Babs amazing team of incredible people.


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