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We are getting close to our last shows of the year! Rhinebeck and SAFF are this coming weekend and next. You will notice that we are having to take lots of everything off the website.  We will leave some things on, but in some bases, we just have to take everything! This is not how we like to do things, but this fall it just has to be this way.

Here's a sneak peek of our van loaded with boxes of yarn...


After our two shows, we will take a much-needed couple of days off, and then we will be returning yarn to the website. Of course we will be busy dyeing throughout November!  If there is something you want specifically for Christmas knitting or for a sweater project, now is a great time to contact us so we can dye for you in November.

Hope to see you at our upcoming shows!

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I touched your yarns for the first time at SAFF (I’m the crazy lady that thought she had lost her keys on Saturday). I am in love!!! Bought several skeins of Yowza and a few mini’s, and am planning the purchase of some Katahdin for a Viajante like Jen’s!


I started knitting a year ago and really wanted to attend a show. My first one was Rhinebeck last week. When I passed by the building and saw the long line for your booth I was curious about all the fuss. After getting a Rhinebeck 2013 colorway and some other skeins on Sunday, I now know what the fuss is about. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yarn and it was a pleasure meeting you and the team at the booth. Looking forward to future purchases and colorways.


I was at Rhinebeck but, as many others said, I was unable to get near your register before our bus left for Central NJ. Your product is amazing!
I am inclined to agree, you should have your own barn. Adding at least three cash registers up and running for the entire show next year would not be a bad idea either.
Kudos and I hope you did well this season.

Knancy Knitter

My sister and myself have been to rhinebeck. We had our harms full of your beautifull stuff…However the line-up to pay was so long that we could not wait and buy. We are anxious to buy it on line…

Bisous de Montreal (Brigitte) et de Oka

sylvie from Oka

I was at Rhinebck but forget even getting within a mile of your yarns!!!!Do you have any more Rhinebeck yarn? I wanted to see it and get some but it was impossible to get near your area——- You need your own barn!!! LOL——Thanks

Linda Curley

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