Birthday 2024!

Birthday 2024!

Happy Birthday!!

Every day is someone’s birthday, and today is mine and so many others as well! I have always enjoyed having a summer birthday because: 

  • I was always the “right” age for my class in school
  • It wasn’t mixed up with other gift giving holidays (yes, that was selfish of me!)
  • I could go swimming and that has always been one of my favorite activities
  • And I could sort of pretend that the fireworks were somehow tied to me as well as the Fourth of July (magical kid thinking!)

This year, my birthday falls on a Monday. Yes, I am working. And we are celebrating my birthday at work on Tuesday with a potluck. I have always enjoyed extended birthday celebrations!

I realized on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market that the peaches are in season and that I wanted a peach pie on my birthday, so I bought some to make the pie on Sunday. Here is the pie I brought in today for everyone to enjoy. 

I really believe that you should do something, even a small thing, for your birthday as a gift to yourself. This year it's the pie (and enjoying all the daylilies blooming in the garden)! Next year, who knows?

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Happiest of birthdays!!

Kristie M Michalowski

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