Color Combinations in Wild Silk for Boo's Halloween 2016 MKAL

10 Aug 2016: Many of the colors we photographed for this blog post have already sold--we are working hard on dyeing and photographing more skeins in appropriate sizes for Taboo, and will make another blog post with new combinations early next week!

The Miss Babs team has put together some great color combinations in Wild Silk for Boo's 2016 Halloween Mystery Knit-Along (MKAL), Taboo.

Taboo is a top down, crescent shaped shawl using two colours. It is lacy, beaded, dramatic and magical! Bev of Boo Knits will release the 4 mystery clues beginning October 1, and you'll be able to join her MKAL in her Ravelry group. This is always a popular knit-along and her group is tons of fun!

To complete this pattern you'll need one 800 yard skein of Wild Silk, and a contrasting 200 yard skein as well. The pattern is written so that you can use a variegated as either the main color or the contrast color.

Here's some combinations we especially like:

Painted Desert and Violaceous, Spiked Punch and Zombie Prom, Age of Innocence and Looking Glass


Pink Charade and Dusk, Cacao and Electric Lava, Venetian Glass and Lilacs


Naked and Atlantis, Mossy Log and Old Gold, Grape Basket and Purple Nebula


Ghoul's Night Out and Gomez, Coral and Pink Charade, Terrain and Spiked Punch


Dusty Backroads and Espresso, Saffron and Grasslands, Into the Void and Rocky Slope


Impatient and Prince, Opalescence and Venetian Glass, Carnelian and Verrassing


Ghoulish and Age of Innocence, Cameo and Saffron, Cacao and Terrain


Floyd and Cottage Tulip, Spicy Papaya and Favorite Boots, Cloak and Night Horse


Ecstasy and Vlad's, Prince and Clematis, Atlantis and Echo


Verrassing and Espresso, Distant Galaxy and Vlad's, Lilacs and Purple People Eater


Sea Grass and Topaz, Spicy Papaya and Liberty, Fiddlehead and Ultra Violet


Cloak and Moonstruck, Berlin and Clematis, Autumn Leaves and Saffron


Saffron and Vlad's, Moonstruck and Ghoulish, Obsidian and Terrain


There are many other possible combinations, of course, these were just a few we came up with while playing with the Wild Silk. We can't wait to see the beautiful shawls everyone knits! You can shop for Wild Silk here.


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christine small

i would like to order spicy papaya….but i cant’ figure out how to do it….help please??

Linda Watts

I would like to get the sea grass and topaz set for the MKAL. How do I go about ordering? Thank you, Linda


I’m going to be watching this site like a hawk for the next few days! Missed out in the first round, now really looking forward to some exciting combinations in round 2!

Anie - Costumingmybliss

So glad to hear you’re dying up more! I’ve got one option headed my way, but would love to get more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a larger skein of something similar to Cottage Tulip. Or maybe Mad Hatter. Or Muslin, Drunken Watermelon, or Zombie Honeymoon!


What is the price going to be for one of these combos? Thanks!

Susan Heath

Wow, so many beautiful color combinations. I am interested in Cacao and terrain or obsidian and terrain? Are either of these available? Thank you

Colleen KILINC

Gorgeous combinations!

Just love Bev’s shawls and cannot wait to try your yarn too!
What is the best way to order one of the combinations?
I am especially enamoured with Opalescence and Venetian Glass
Kind thanks :-)

Karen Ribby

I’m particularly interested in the combo you show of Opalescence and Venetian glass….is this combo still available and if so, may I order it? Otherwise, I just need a small bit (218 yds ) of Atlantis….Please advise. Thanks! Karen Ribby

Grannybear aka Mary Lou

I would like to order the set of Atlantis and Naked. Do we order the yarn for the KAL on here?

Kay thode

I would like the ghoulish and age of innocence set. Could you tell me what these cost and how I can add them to my cart please. Thank you

Bev - Boo Knits

Wow – so many fabulous combinations! These are going to be amazing.

Thank you so much for dyeing such lovelies for the MKAL.

Bev x

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