Inclinations Cowl à la Babs

Inclinations Cowl à la Babs

When we saw Andrea Mowry's Inclinations Cowl we knew it would look great using one of our variegated colorways with a tonal contrast. To make it even more interesting we decided to use every other color from a gradient set for color B. Yes, the pattern calls for a sport-weight yarn, but for an accessory like this we know that substituting fingering weight is not much of a stretch! So we used our favorite versatile fingering weight yarn with lots of options - Yummy 2-Ply. 

I volunteered to knit the cowl and managed to get it done in the week between deciding we needed one and the team leaving for Maryland Sheep and Wool! 

The pattern is written with three sections, so I decided to assign a different gradient color to each section. Our sample uses Fired Up for color A, Chilean Flamingo for color B (Section 1), Andean Flamingo for color B (Section 2), and Puna Flamingo for color B (Section 3). Jen chose a darker skein of Fired Up to heighten the contrast with the Flamingo colors.

We've now put together an assortment of yarn sets for the Inclinations Cowl, if you want to recreate what we did.

Each section took increasingly more of color B. I did have enough in each Toe to complete a section--although it got quite close in Section 3! Here's a photo of the cowl (before sewing) with the leftovers so you can see how much yarn I used.

If I had run out of contrasting yarn in the last section, my plan was to reintroduce the first (darkest) color for a pop at the far edge, which I think would have looked quite nice… but was unnecessary. If someone knits their cowl this way please share photos--I'd love to see how it turns out! 

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This is beautiful! What size needle do you use for the fingering weight version?


What size needle did use for your version?

Bethanie Krein

Great idea! Need me a set ;o)


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