Two handknit hats

MDSW Show Colorways!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, we've developed two special show colorways. Here are some more photos, coordinating colors, and projects!

Golden Anniversary

Photo Illustration - 50th anniversary balloons and yarn

We're celebrating the golden 50th anniversary of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival with this soft rose gold with red and gold speckles. It's a perfect contrast for rich, warm jewel tones. Shop Golden Anniversary here.

Golden Anniversary yarn with contrast colors

We like Golden Anniversary with (shown left to right at the bottom of this image): Dark Canis Major, Aubergine, Glow, Bullfinch, Roasted Pumpkin, Parchment, Dark Adobe, Cordovan, and Bloodstone. 

Kitation shawl

Babs has knit up Casapinka's Kitation in Golden Anniversary with Dark Canis Major Yummy 2-Ply.

Pink and rose gold hat with yarn

Mary Annarella has designed a new hat in Yowza Minis called Frosted Windowpanes. It's shown here in Golden Anniversary and Zinfandel.


May Morning

Photo Illustration, blue sky with yarn

May Morning evokes the freshness of soaring spring skies. Rich celestial blues shade to soft clouds, and each skein is speckled with deeper cobalt and ultramarine. 

May Morning yarn with contrast colors

We like May Morning with (shown left to right at the bottom of this image): Wolfsbane, Eternity, Isfahan, White Peppercorn, Quicksilver, (and then Wolfsbane again and Dark Perseus).

Blue triangular shawl

We have a new sample of Veronica's new design, Washingtonia, in May Morning Yowza.

Striped blue and cream cowl with yarn

Ivy's knit up May Morning together with White Peppercorn Moonglow in Babs' new design, the Plush Stripes Cowl.

 Hat knit in 2 shades of blue

Helen knit up one of Mary Annarella's Frosted Windowpane hats in May Morning and Dark Perseus Yowza Minis

Need project inspiration for that skein you just can't resist? Check out your favorite yarn in our Project Gallery, or our new collection of one-skein projects!

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