This Week, This Day, This Hour

This Week, This Day, This Hour

So today is Sunday. My first day off in two weeks. Thirteen days straight, although driving north and south on I81 is sort of time off. I love driving and it is time to be by myself - no phone, just music or NPR or silence.

For my day off, I was able to sit and read and knit for most of the morning. I talked to one of my sisters who lives in Colorado. It's our weekly chance to catch up on what happened during the last week. I talk about my husband, my grandkids, the dogs -- especially Oliver, and what is happening in my yarn world. She talks about the new place she is living in and the landscaping she is getting to do, her kids, and grandkids, and great grandchild. She ponders retirement, and what it means for her. We also talk about our parents and what it all meant, and how we are still processing things from our childhood at our ages.

After that, a fresh vegetable lunch that is mostly stuff from yesterday's farmers' market. I found some cukes - amazing that someone still has some coming in, tomatoes, beans, more little gold tomatoes, carrots and potatoes. And eggs. And mums!

This afternoon, I spent cleaning up my email and creating new folders. I just changed computers and am using the email system that comes with the computer. Between sitting here doing that, I watered the plants that are dreary from a few weeks without rain, and also dusted them with worm castings that I bought at the Farmers' Market. And I knitted while reading and typing. 


Not a special day, but a quiet day. Time to do things differently than on a weekday. This hour brings dinner time for the dogs, and soon it will be time for pork chops, carrots and potatoes.

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Very little in the online store. Can’t do much with one or two skeins. They are so beautiful but disappointingly limited.

Lynne Dwyer

Lovely words, even though busy, your life sounds filled with pleasantness! I think I must call my sister in Ohio! Thanks.


Dinner was delish! The carrots tender and sweet, and the potatoes just over the done point – butter and salt and pepper – yum!


Sounds like a wonderful day


Thank you for sharing your private moments with us! I have 4 sisters and know how precious they are – we are scattered from Tennessee to Maine and phones calls and visits are so wonderful! Want to thank you for all those hours you spend to bring your beautiful yarns to us! Your colors and yarn are exceptional and I know the many hours you devote to it and I know it must take you away from family time! Just want you to know how much we appreciate what you and your excellent staff do!


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