Using the Back in Stock button

Using the Back in Stock button

You're dreaming of the perfect sweater. You've agonized over the pattern, the yarn, the color... but oh no! You've searched high and low, and that perfect color is out of stock! This is where the back in stock button helps us help you.

Product search results showing a sold out product

It's pretty simple. Click or tap the pink "Notify me when available" button on a sold-out product page and a form will pop up.

Product page screenshot with pink "notify me" button

Add your email or phone number (no need to fill it out twice) and the quantity you're looking for, then submit.

Screenshot of notify me pop-up form

We receive a daily report of your requests, and this helps us plan our dyeing schedule.

If we're almost sold out of something but you need more, there won't be a button and that's a good time to email us at with your request.

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