Spring is Here!! and More about 2014

We are barely into the fourth month of the year and it has already been very...busy, crazy, emotional, whelming and overwhelming, and filled with lots of dyeing and readying for shows.  Personal and business has been much intermixed--not always what one wants, but sometimes you just can't not mix the two.

Many of you know that my apprentice, Jen H., was was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which has required chemotherapy and radiation.  This has been a difficult space of time for all, and most of all for Jen who is almost done with 6 weeks of treatments. At this time, none of us know what the next steps will be.  I can only ask that you keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

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Before all of this occurred for Jen, I had already determined to slow my show pace down for this year so that I could spend a bit more time with my family. There are some health issues and I want to spend time now with my loved ones. What this means for people who look for me at shows is that we will not be going to Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival or Michigan Fiber Festival this year.

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Spring!! The daffodils are blooming!!  A very definite sign that spring is coming.  I know many people feel that fall is their favorite season, but mine is absolutely spring.  My eyes gobble up the colors of spring, all the different hues of the fresh yellow greens, the yellows of blooms, and the brightening of fields. And of course, daylilies pushing through and dandelions!


And, of course, we have also been very busy getting ready for Stitches South (April 9-13) and Maryland Sheep and Wool (May 3 & 4.) We will have lots of yarn and we will be sending a newsletter soon that includes information about what we'll be bringing including the 2014 Maryland Sheep & Wool colorway. 


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sending all positive healing thoughts to Jen H. since I heard the news i have been knitting every day only from my Miss Babs stash, actively willing health to her and to you, Babs, savoring the work you all do so brilliantly and tenderly and all of you who feel like family to this knitter. xoxo love, deborah


Prayers for you and Jen!

Ann Moore

So sorry to hear of your hardships, but I’m glad you will be spending time with your family. Family is so important, ….those special moments are so very precious that we should seek them out and hold on to them for as long as we can.
I will keep you in my prayers, and also for Jen, and your other little family of worker bees.
Blessings, Ana

Ana Vega

Adding my thoughts and prayers for you. I look forward to seeing you at Maryland Sheep and Wool.


So sorry to hear about these difficulties. Turning to those we love and holding them close is the best way of coping with life’s challenges. Sending peace and best wishes your way!


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