How to Train Your Holey Shawl

Jen here...

I'm always excited when a new knitted sample comes in the mail from one of our talented and speedy knitters!  I love to unwrap the freshly blocked creation, and begin to play with the wearing of it.  Since I rarely finish my own knitting, this is how I live into the idea of finished knits!  We sent our sample knitter a full skein of our Yasmin Laceweight in Roasted Pumpkin and soon had the Holey Square Shawl by Marianne Sigg back with the remaining ball of unused yarn. the usual spirit here at Miss Babs...we decided that it MUST be bigger!  So back to the saintly sample knitter it did go.  When the rest of the 1250 yards was almost used up, and an additional 12 inches was added to the funky, holey shawl, we really loved it! 

Here is what happened when I was experimenting with this shawl on the back deck of the office...

First, and easiest, just drape and toss the lightweight length around your neck.  The Yasmin is the softest merino and silk, so it smushes up nicely around your neck without being bulky.  The holes add to the lightweight feel and are great visual texture.


Second, fold it in half lengthwise, right side out, but hold the opposite corners so you have it folded diagonally.  This gives you the longest line and drapes the shawl into points instead of square ends.  Drape across your shoulders evenly, or toss the longer side across the opposite shoulder.  There will be two points in the back - neither of which will point at your fanny - always a good thing!


And third, allow the full width to encircle your shoulders, and drape the long end across the opposite shoulder.  This gives you the most coverage and a full view of all those fun holes! The Yasmin knits up into a great fabric that is not clingy, and blocks nicely to show off the holes that are the highlight of this shawl.  The yardage will allow you to knit a nice sized rectangle that can be worn in a multitude of ways. 

Yasmin is 1250 yards of 80% Merino 20% Tussah Silk 2 ply Laceweight.  It blocks crisply and beads beautifully (try a Fleegle Beader!) Babs dyes Yasmin in lots of Monochromes and various Babettes!




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Love it and love the pattern. Now you must get the project posted on Rav! It is not on the project page :) !!!!!!

love to see the color all worked into a piece too. It helps me visualize how it might work for me. Also, good to see how to fold a shawl. Thanks, thanks.


I really love this and it looks great on you! No “old lady shawl syndrome” going on with this one! I love the pumpkin color, too. Thanks for sharing!


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