Another K for the DK

First off...Thank You!  Naming things is a constant activity here at Miss Babs, and generally we enjoy the process, have fun with it and make it a game.  Finding a name for our New DK yarn was makin' us crazy!  Thank you all for the suggestions and words that led us breadcrumb-like to our New DK's name...Kaweah DK.

Your Mountain suggestions drew us to the western United States where we found another "K" to add to Katahdin and Kilimanjaro.  The word Kaweah is Yokuts Indian for "crow" and names not only several mountains, but a river, a lake, and a colony.

We love the texture of this 3-ply 100% Superwash Merino.  It is r o u n d and knits into beautifully defined and balanced stitches.  The merino is plied firmly for durability to match the fiber's softness, and the DK weight will be warm, but not too heavy or bulky.




The texture of the Kaweah mountains and waters vary richly, welcoming visitors to the Sierra Mountains of California. The lake is often a glassy mirror framed in sharp crags and peaks. The rocks and boulders bathed in the Kaweah River are smooth and rounded by the class IV and V rapids that thrill rafters. 

Knitters will appreciate the soft warm wool, because the temperatures in the area can soar to the mid nineties, and then dip into the mid fifties in a 24 hour period. The region enjoys four distinct seasons and teems with wildlife.  Everywhere are views and vistas to train your phone and camera. There is art, rodeo and a historic post office that is left from a utopian social experiment from the 1880's. How's that for texture! 


















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I stumbled on your site through Pinterest and just had to write to you. I read your description of Babettes and it’s very cool. My middle name is Babette and I have always thought it was really kind of odd, but your description of the one of a kind yarn makes the name feel special and unique. Thanks for being so creative and different!


I have a lovely, small yarn shop. I am looking for something new.

Do you wholesale to small shops?

My email is.

Mary Lynn Mullins

Love the name and these breathtaking photos !!!
I already was looking at a project for dk and was looking at yowza, but I may wait to see this one. It is the shawl with a hood in the new mag, Enchanted Knits, the shawl is called Rumpelstiltskin’s Wrap. Pattern needs total of 1560 yds.
Can’t wait to see your colors inspired by all that beauty !


Those photos are gorgeous! Perhaps a future destination on the knitting tour?


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