"State of the Studio" - 2015

The POTUS (President of the United States) gets a State of the Union and GOTN (Governor of Tennessee) get a State of the State, I might as well get to have a State of the Studio.

2015 brings us to a bustling year and we are absolutely busting at the seams in the studio in terms of people and yarn as we prep for shows. And we want to thank everyone who participated in the Annual Gratitude Sale! It emptied our racks - which now means I am dyeing madly to try to refill them, plus dye yarn for shows.

Empty racks awaiting freshly dyed yarn!

I have managed to dye a fair bit of yarn, but much of it is now heading to the West Coast for Stitches West.  


Toes waiting to be packed!

This week finds me dyeing some colors to fill in color spaces on the show racks and some yarn for the website. Plus I will start dyeing colors for our first Knitting Tour destination. I always leave enough yarn behind to keep our folks here in the studio busy and it will filter onto the website over the next two weeks.

Perfectly Wreckless on Yowza - already packed and on a truck to Stitches West!

What happens after Stitches West? We come home for a few weeks of dyeing and then head to the 10th Annual DFW Fiber Fest with fresh colors and yarns. We will meet up with yarn that has come from Stitches and will provide a broad selection of Miss Babs at DFW.

We then return home with some yarn and have 5-6 weeks to prepare for Maryland Sheep & Wool.  This is also when we will get a chance to really restock the website with a wider selection of colors.

We have hired a new person, Emily, who will be coming with us to Stitches West! She is an accomplished knitter and has been learning about the studio and our colors. 

And finally, we are seriously in process of working out the details of a new building that will house our activities and physically allow for more dyers and sensible space for the inventory.  Our current facility really doesn't have a space where another dyer can work, other than in my space. Our inventory is currently spread out among 3 different areas of the studio and closed off rooms in my home and garage. Adding a new building would allow us to move the majority of the business off-site, and return our home to us.

In the meantime, until this building can be built, we have decided to temporarily discontinue sales of fiber.  The space dedicated to holding fiber is simply needed for other activities at this time.  We will be having a Sale on fiber - dyed and undyed - with the exception of Silk Hankies. I expect that we will resume dyeing fiber when we get into our new building. Hopefully that will be by the end of this year.


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Dear Babs I just began to knit the “Yowza” shawlette with your yarn—It is so soft and beautiful —I love it! I have been knitting since I was 5 yrs old and I have to say that this is one of the nicest quality yarns I have ever knit with.
I hope to go to Rhinebeck this Fall and perhaps I can see you there. I will wear my little shawl to show you. Great pattern with no counting of stitches. I hope to make another for my daughter for her birthday in October.
hugs and sincere thanks for producing such a lovely yarn…


I couldn’t have said it better, Sarah!
I’m so looking forward to seeing and choosing among all this fabulous yarn in person at Stitches West.

Rebecca Rohrkaste

Wow! This all sounds exciting but exhausting. But it’s good to know that the business is so healthy and thriving.

Heaven knows…you’ve got me hooked.


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