Exciting New Colorway!!

Babs has been working on developing the PERFECT color for a long, long time, and today, April 1, seems like an excellent day to reveal it!

The Emperor's New Color

Discerning knitters will appreciate the subtle color shifts, which look almost magical in some lights! Because of the way dye is applied, this beautiful new Babette will never pool or flash, and with this super-special color there is no need to alternate skeins.

We love how the colors blend and pop!  Amazingly, Babs somehow managed to take all the things we love about her colors and blend them harmoniously into one single colorway. Bold in some lights, understated in others, the Emperor's New Color is perfect for everyone.

Here at the studio, everyone has a different favorite colorway, a different set of colors towards which they gravitate, but each and every one of us has fallen hard for the Emperor's New Color.


Since we expect demand to be high, we want to allow Babs a few more days to dye sufficient stock, but look for the Emperor's New Color to be added to the website by the end of the week!!

Because of the intense amount of detailed work involved in dyeing the Emperor's New Color, we are going to have to charge twice the normal amount per skein... but we know you'll agree that this special, perfect color is worth it!



By the way...have a wonderful April Fool's Day!!!

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absolutely LOVE it! ;-D


absolutely LOVE it! ;-D


simply marvellous. Reminded me of the BBC TV documentary of spaghetti growing on trees!!! But seriously, White is every colour isn’t it, likewise dirty mucky brown…. The colour of multi mixed Playdough.!!!!!!!!
Must admit I did note the date before I clicked on. Keep up with the good humour


The genius of the funny is I fooled every non-knitter in the house. They are so gullible. Snort.


PS: Great photography!


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