Summertime! and Our Vacation is Over!

Back to the studio after our week off!! Many of us went to the beach with family, some of us went to the mountains with friends, and some of us did the Staycation.  It sounds like we all had a pretty good time, got rested and relaxed!


And now! It's time to start getting ready for SSK over in Nashville, TN in mid-July and Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, IL in early August!!  Come see us!  We'll be doing some new things and have some new colors and project ideas which we will reveal as we get closer!


In the meantime, let's do a giveaway!  The giveaway is one skein of Hot Shot! Color is winner's choice!  Leave a comment about what summer knitting you are doing (or not doing) here on the blog by midnight PST on June 23.  We'd love it of you can include the name of the pattern, 'cause we like to know what people are knitting!


Edited to Add: I've just emailed the winner. Congratulations, Chanda! We hope you enjoy your Hot Shot!


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albert sinclair


Charlene VanOrsdale

I am a crochet nut! Love it have been doing since my Grandma taught me when I was 12. I’m now almost 55 in July. I’m doing a top for my daughter who has her 32nd bday Oct 27th.


I finished Yowza 1 in Funny Papers , Yowza 3 in Zombie Prom and now Yowza 1 again in Ansel. Purchased the yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I have on more skein in Perfectly Wreckless. They are all lovely. I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks and will bring my knitting.


I am working on Mia, a cotton/linen tank top from Knitty, and a test knit cardigan for Hanna Maciejewska that has lots of special details. I never stop knitting! It is my sanity…


I’m not knitting a whole lot right now, but my vacation is next month…. I’d love a beautiful skein to inspire me to knit while I’m off work.


I started a new job last month and haven’t had a second to knit a thing all summer. So bummed.
I hope to start a go vest, a triliian shawl and test knit a shawl for a friend this month. Maybe if I don’t sleep?

Kim dawson

I am working on a pair of sock and a shawl that is not wanting to end.

I am yarning4asmile on rav


Lace cowls & shawls for cooler evenings are what my summer knitting seems to be about. Just finished One Fine Cowl. Working on Sea Change Cowl now, with Dorothea Shawl lined up for next.


it seems that summer knitting is about feet. Two pairs of socks for Christmas gifts and curly toe elf slippers for birthday presents. I’m also working on an Outline scarf for me.

Mary Nate

It’s all about the socks………lots and lots of socks!


I am currently working on the shawl pattern "NO-BO, a/k/a 3-3-1. I am knitting it in Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply in the colorway “In the Shadows”. I really love this yarn, soft and light weight but warm for the fall. I have two more “Brickless” shawls and one Hitchhiker shawl. This should take me the rest of the summer.


Working on a triangle (somewhat freeform LOL) shawl in wild silk moss, and a Pi shawl (Oh the counting!) in Yowsa Ansel. Can’t get enough of Miss Bab’s fiber!!


I’ll admit it…95° with an index of over 102…yarn has not been sliding through these fingers much as of late


workng on Lintilla shawl from Martina Behm


Working on 3 shawls- 2 in cotton and one in wool. The wool shawls is for a really great friend of mine.Next project is a Yowza shawl in Deep Sea Jellyfish! Yahoo!

Donna Reed

Actually currently have a shawl on needles out of Ms Babs yarn!


A Girasole!

Chris warner

I am currently working on Stella and a day to remember from miss babs knitting tour. I have several more socks and shawls on my list so I can use up miss babs yarn before saff to make room for all the new miss babs I’m sure to come home with again this year


Honey Baby blanket for my cousin’s baby girl!


Currently working on a scarf for a friend in Delaware. Haven’t been knitting as much – just been too hot.


I am making a Brickless from the Atlantis Yowza skein!


I know i’m late for it but just wanted to say that i love your yarn the Yowza what a skein made such a beautiful scarf for my daughter.


i am finishing up the Midori sweater and going to finally start my brickless from the original knitting tour. Happy summer y’all!


Starting the New Caesar Shawl. It will be my first attempt at Mosaic knitting. Love learning new techniques!


I’m knitting a hoodie for one of my sons, a colorwork sweater for the other son, an afghan for my grandson, and socks for myself.

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