Keira: Pairs of Colors for Match & Move

Keira is a really wonderful yarn that was developed for us to include some characteristics that we really love! There are 4 plies that are twisted tight for good wear and to reduce halo, but the yarn is also squishy and bouncy. You can pull on the strand and it bounces back.

The skeins are big like we like them - 560 yards - and the size of the yarn is a heavy fingering to light sport. Keira is great for shawls, heavier socks, tees, sweaters, hats, and much more.

I knit a Match & Move in Graphic and Ebony and absolutely adore the feel of the yarn and the finished garment! We wanted to show some additional possible pairings of colors here, although the possibilities are endless.

Oyster and Zombie Prom Keira

Oyster and Zombie Prom


South Beach and Zing

South Beach and Zing


Pewter and Floyd

Pewter and Floyd


Into the Void and Faded

Into the Void and Faded


Jonquil and Summertime Blues

Jonquil and Summertime Blues


Joan of Arc and Squash Blossom

Joan of Arc and Squash Blossom


Funny Papers and Squash Blossom Keira

Funny Papers and Squash Blossom


South Beach and Gentian Keira

South Beach and Gentian


Plum and Slate Keira

Plum and Slate


Plum and Dark Adobe Keira

Plum and Dark Adobe


Obsidian and Violaceous Keira

Obsidian and Violaceous


Obsidian and Gotta Love Me Keira

Obsidian and Gotta Love Me


Marine and South Beach Keira

Marine and South Beach


Jonquil and Joan of Arc Keira

Jonquil and Joan of Arc


Gotta Love Me and Slate Keira

Gotta Love Me and Slate


Franklin and Moonlight Stroll Keira

Franklin and Moonlight Stroll


Funny Papers and Franklin Keira

Funny Papers and Franklin


Believable and Franklin Keira

Believable and Franklin


Fire Ball and French Marigold Keira

Fire Ball and French Marigold


Denim and Faded Keira

Denim and Faded


We hope you'll enjoy coming up with your own combination and knitting a Match & Move of your own.

Some other 2-color patterns to check out include:

  • Elfe - a striped top-down seamless pullover
  • Drachenfels - 3-color striped shawl with eyelets
  • Matchmaker - diagonal striped loop with interesting construction
  • Cameo - garter stitch shawl with lace detail
  • Assante - gradated stripes in a semicircular shawl
  • Zephyr Cove - shawl with leaf and lace details
  • Foolproof - another diagonal cowl with clever construction

And some 1-color shawl patterns:

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I’ve ordered South Beach and Spicy Papaya. So tropical


Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for all you do -your colors are visual eye-candy!!! Love LOVE


I would like a combination of Bluebonnets and Zing. Is that going to be available? I have these yarns in Yowza but think this shawl, in Yowza, may be too big.


Miss Babs……
You always come up with the most beautiful yarn and suggestions for the most beautiful projects. You make it very difficult to choose just one!
Practically impossible –
Luv reading your newsletter.


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