It's summer and the beets have come in! Actually they been available at the local Farmer's Market here in Mountain City for the last month. One of the local farmers loves beets as much as I do and gets them in the ground super early.

A couple of years ago I was at a grocery store and the checker asked me what beets taste like, and all I could say is earthy. Mind you, I grew up in the midwest and every summer we gardened about half an acre or more and so my hands were in dirt from my earliest years.  Dirt, the feel and the smell of it, is something that is soothing to me and reminds me of "home." And I mean the "home" that is a feeling a safety and security and good food and that travels with me wherever I go - not the home that is a physical place.

Anyway, back to this weekend. A friend was supposed to come visit, and I had to ask her to cancel due to some intervening life stuff. I was going to roast beets while she was here and take pictures of what I was doing and how good they were. So I thought I should go ahead and do it anyway!

I did some very simple preparation on these beets, scrubbing and trimming them before coating them in olive oil and roasting at 350 degrees for about an hour.


Then they're easy to peel.

All done!

I love the color as well as the flavor, of course. Most of the beets made it into salads and were eaten up before I got a chance for more photos!

What bounty are you seeing in your local markets lately?

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All green veggies are plentiful in NJ. I buy fresh beets every week and roast them to put in my dinner salad. We have beets in several bright colors!


Summer squash! Yum. Zucchini and Yellow squash are everywhere. I don’t have a favorite, just like it fresh.


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