New Colors for Fall 2015

While brights have been very popular for the last few years - and bright colors are some of our best sellers! - we've been working to develop new colorways that have a slightly more neutral undertone.

We think a neutral undertone gives depth and interest, makes the colors more wearable, (especially in larger garments like sweaters), and also helps colors coordinate and blend. Here are five of our newest colors for Fall 2015:


Wrap yourself in the shadowy colors of twilight. Dusk is a refined violet with a neutral undertone. People who say "I don't like purple" have told us they like Dusk.



This velvety-soft red whispers where others shout.



This vintage-lingerie pink is sweetly soft and is a great neutral. We envision using it as a contrast color - great for stripes or edgings - but it's also a lovely shade for babies.



A rich mineral bluish green. If you like Blackwatch and Franklin, you'll also love Topaz, richly jewel toned and a versatile shade that we think pretty much everyone can wear.


Sage Brush

The dusty grey-green of Sage Brush will bring a natural touch to your next project. Babs developed Sage Brush for her Rhinebeck sweater - she's knitting Dexter - and now you can knit in it too. Incidentally, this photo shows some of the ways in which our dyes may have a different effect on different yarn bases.

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I want them ALL, these are just absolutely gorgeous. Any chance of these being part of the 2016 Knitting Tour?


Love love love these colors! Ordering some right after typing this comment!

Sandy Miller

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