Gift-Making: 4 Weeks and Counting

Gift-Making: 4 Weeks and Counting

With 4 weeks (loosely) before prime gift-giving season, we have some more project suggestions.  Each of these uses between 600 and 1,000 yards of yarn, allowing you ample time to work steadily on your project without stress!

Big Cowls

Let's start with cowls--one of our favorites here in the studio is Joji Locatelli's 3 Color Cashmere cowl, especially when knit up in a luxury yarn, like Sojourn or Caroline.  

Babs has just knit up another 3 Color Cashmere Cowl, this time in Deer Moss, Old Gold, and Rainforest


Depending on your color choices, the cowl is suitable for any gender - and everyone loves the softness! It's always fun to see how different the pattern can look when knit up in different colors.

Another choice for a versatile cowl is the Poly Chevron cowl by Jennifer Krause. Knit up in a gradient set, this project is certain to please even the fussiest of gift recipients. Stick with neutrals, like the sample, or add a burst of color to your winter wardrobe; either way, you can't go wrong.


Ponchos & Capelets

If you're hankering to knit a garment as a gift, consider a poncho (or capelet).  These are less size-specific, and typically knit in the round (so the knitting goes quickly).  

We LOVE Jennifer Weisman's My Softer Side--Moonglow makes a cozy garment, and using a US size 9 needle, the lacework is a breeze!  The bonus--My Softer Side can be worn both as a poncho OR cowl!

Casapinka's Noncho is NOT a poncho (although it does have that shape). The pattern is written for both DK and fingering weight yarn, and we recommend using Yowza and Yowza Minis for a most satisfying and fast project. 


Kate's Poncho by Nice and Knit is the perfect cozy winter project.  A beautiful pairing of classic seed stitch and bias-style stockinette, Kate's Poncho is just the right thing to wear as you settle into a chilly evening. We knit ours with three skeins of Kaweah (shown in the Sugar colorway)


Four weeks is also plenty to time to work up some longer scarves.  Michael Harrigan's Windows Wrap pairs one of our Caroline solid colorways with a variegated for a lovely effect, suitable for all genders. 


Bee Loved by Jennifer Weissman can be knit in either sport or fingering weight (Yummy 3-Ply or Yummy 2-Ply), and using slip stitches, it's a great project for anyone new to colorwork, and using a variegated as the contrasting color adds to the fun. Our samples are knit in (Left): Yummy 2-Ply in Franklin and Mantis and (Right): Yummy 3-Ply in Imperial and Spotted Flowers.

And there you have it--plenty of options for a four-week project!  

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