Comparing the Yowza Weigh It Shawls

Susan B. Anderson's Yowza Weigh It Shawls have been a hit - and for good reason! Each shawl gives the knitter the opportunity to make the most of one big skein of Yowza. No matching, no alternating: just simple, mostly-garter-stitch knitting creates a great accessory. And this week, you're in luck - through October 14, all of these patterns are on sale on Ravelry!

One of the tricks for these patterns is making sure that you weigh your yarn before you cast on. (Sometimes Yowza can be a little heavier than the label says!) So grab your kitchen or postage scale right away.

Here's a little bit more about each shawl - all of these are currently on rotation at our shows, so you can also see them in person. The shapes, though, are sometimes a little hard to see when they're on mannequins or people, so we figured we'd show them all in one place here.

1. The ruffled crescent. In Into the Void.

The ruffled crescent is easy to wear and sits most like a scarf. The curve and length allow the wearer to wrap it twice around snugly, with long ends, or loosely, with short ends.  The ruffle adds interest and the design is reversible.

2. The double-increase shawl. In Coffee Break.

The double-increase is shaped to sit really well from across the back, over the shoulders.  There is no point to point at your rear, and it is long enough to gather up and tie warmly around your neck. It is usually not worn backwards as a bandanna-type garment.

3. The triangle with ribbing. In Spread Your Wings.

The triangle can be worn with the point in the front or the back. The shape is long enough to tie or fasten with a shawl pin. I've even seen it tied casually around the waist diagonally over jeans or a skirt. 

4. The long skinny triangle. In Tuscany.

The long skinny triangle is asymmetrical and can be worn frontwards or backwards. The short side is placed where you want visual coverage, and the long end is tossed around and over the short end to hold it in place. It can be pinned or left to dangle. This shape can take some getting used to in the wearing, but it is fun and versatile to wear.

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I’m currently finishing up the ruffled crescent in Star Lane. I made the double increase in Verrasing, and the asymmetrical long triangle in Perfectly Wreckless. I haven’t decided which color to make the ribbed triangle, yet. I love these patterns, but these are shallow shawls. I will probably make them all again (so many colors I want) with larger amounts of yarn so that they’ll be deeper.


I’ve finished shawls number one and two. Both worked quickly and easily. I’m about half through number three. Hope to finish it next week then start number four. So far I really like number two and may do it abain for my SIL’s mother. Or maybe myself again! Thanks for such great designs. Please try to do some more!

Ann Carpenter

I own all four of these patterns (because Yowza and SBA, it’s a no-brainer), but I had no clue what their actual shapes are. Thank you for this post!


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