Blog Tour: New Patterns from Knit Play Colour

Today we're excited to dive into color and bring you new patterns from Louise Zass-Bangham of Inspiration Knits. Louise has written a new book, Knit Play Colour, that takes a collection of patterns and shows you how you can take an idea and push and pull it into different directions for different effects. 

We are always playing with color and mixing up new color combinations, so we love the spirit of Louise's new book.

Featured on the cover is Affinity, which stripes two skeins of fingering weight yarn. Depending on what you choose, the effect can be wild or subtle. Of course we had to have something a little wild - Shiruku, a merino-silk blend, in one of our wildest colorways, Perfectly Wreckless. Louise has paired it with a lovely semi-solid purple from SweetGeorgia but we can also suggest Shiruku in Dusk

Her "Play" suggestion includes experimenting with multiple textures instead of multiple colors for a totally different effect.

All non-yarn photos copyright Jesse Wild.

Here's Shiruku in Perfectly Wreckless and Dusk together:

Flight of Colour is a shallow triangle scarf, striped in three colors in the original pattern. We love to put three colors together - we do it all the time - and Louise gives great tips for choosing a winning combination. By beginning with a favorite color and adding a dark and a light neutral, you're sure to have both good contrast and a harmonious overall effect.

Flight of Colour - three color scarf

Louise's "Play" suggestion is for adding lots more colors - incidentally perfect for lots of leftovers or a Polydactyl Set, which is what she created her second sample in. For more ideas on selecting colors, check out Louise's blog post.

Flight of Colour in Soul Food Polydactyl Set

And here's the Polydactyl Set in Soul Food:

Soul Food Polydactyl Set

The book is now available via Louise's site or on Ravelry. If you want to find out a little more about Knit Play Colour, you can join us for the rest of the blog tour. The next stop is Knitted Bliss.

We're also running a little giveaway. To be entered to win a digital download of the book, comment here by the end of the day Friday, October 9th (be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you). What unexpected color combinations do you love? Are you willing to take a chance on color, or would you rather play with textures?


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Diana C.

LOVE the Flight of Colour! I don’t mind working with texture, but I am just branching out into knitting with two colors and now even three colors in a shawl I just started knitting.

What colors were used for the Flight of Colour above?

Anne S.

I usually choose to play with texture. I do love how you striped the solid color yarns with the one multicolored yarn in the last picture. This Inspiration Knits Collection is gorgeous.


I love mixing colors but am timid about picking them myself. Bold combinations for me. Also like mixing textures but have always done them in solids. Looking forward to this book.

Rhonda H

I love color, it makes me happy. Would love to win!!!


I go one of two ways with colour – black and a bright splash of tons of colour here and there – or…. monotone with a lot of texture…. I think what has surprised me of late is that I tend to go for greys instead of pure blacks – and shades of grey are amazing!

Maureen Kreindel

love, love love these. My friend has been “touring” with miss Babs for several years. Beautiful!


I love these! I also lob purple and orange together:)


I am a beginning knitter myself but I have found myself a big fan of riots of color and I enjoy experimenting with different combinations. I haven’t messed with textures too much but I have done so in crochet and enjoyed that immensely. So I suppose that you could say that I really love both!


I’m really still a beginner. I’ve been knitting for five years, and love it, but I’m generally a sort of “play it safe” girl with both color and texture.

However, I’m working on coming out of my shell because I’m falling in love with so many color combinations that I would never have put together on my own. And that’s why I need people like you and books like this! ?


Good question, I love looking at wild colors but I usually play it safe but I love textures!

Fun book, would love a copy.

Ummrania on ravelry


I love color…I love this book!


I LOVE color, all of them, but singly. If I do a combination, it’s usually different shades of one color. Having different textures makes the project more fun to knit, so I guess that’s yes to both.

miss agnes

I love a flash of acid green or neon pink over light neutrals. But I’d rather play with texture than color, maybe because I have so many different colors in my stash already.


If you’re a fan of Miss Babs— which I am— you have to love color!! But I also enjoy knitting different textures into a piece.


I love bright colors and I love textures. So it always depends on my mood which one wins out.


I love playing with colors!!! My unexpected color combo like is Red and Aqua! I’m not big on red in general, but there is something about this combo that just sits with me! Another of my favorite combos is grey and yellow :)


I am never sure about colors that will look good together but I’d like to learn! So far I’ve only tried combining textures. I have a bunch of Miss Babs yarn because it’s beautiful, but I’m not entirely sure what to do with it…


Coffee Break is my favorite color combo. I’d love some ideas about how to mix multiple solids with a variegated like your polydactyl kit.

Leigh Rollins

I wear shawls almost everyday with some bright colors but I wish I had more confidence in making changes in color, texture, etc. This would be a wonderful way to learn!


I love color. Reds, pinks, purples are always a favorite but I’m branching out and trying new colors and combinations. I’ve had my eye on the polydactyl sets and would love to make an affinity with one of the polydactyl sets.


I love color. Reds, pinks, purples are always a favorite but I’m branching out and trying new colors and combinations. I’ve had my eye on the polydactyl sets and would love to make an affinity with one of the polydactyl sets.


I’m equal opportunity when it comes to color and texture — I love watching textures develop in semi-solids and solids and I love watching colors come and go. It took me a while to appreciate that not every yarn works with every pattern and vice versa. Orange and yellow to be colors I avoided but again with experience I have learned to love them too.


Love watching the colors play together as I knit. It’s hard to put the knitting aside when the color play is unfolding with each stitch, each row. Lately I’m intrigued by wide bands of different textures Combined with colors.


I really like a saturated red and purple combination! To me, it is really eye-catching. I am not a natural at creative color combinations, but I can play with texture and the perfect yarn type and color.


Color or Texture? BOTH! It depends on the pattern and what strikes my fancy at the time.

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