Our Rhinebeck Sweaters - Finished

We made it! We finished our sweaters in time for Rhinebeck.

team babs in new sweaters

From left to right...

Ivy is wearing Eased (Bulky Version) in Nori K2 (knit by Helen)

Carmen is wearing Grandpa Cardigan in Livid Kaweah

Babs is wearing Dexter in Sage Brush Killington (her first sweater!)

Wendy is wearing Hitofude Cardigan in Very Nice Katahdin (a Babette)

Veronica is wearing Ink in Stayin' Alive Kilimanjaro (a Babette)

Last but not least, Helen finished her Tenaya in Plum Yummy 3-Ply and she gets her own photo because she is holding down the fort in the studio!

(Can you tell we all love purple and green?)

We are all set up and ready to see everyone this weekend - here's a sneak peek of the booth as we finished setting up.


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It’s fun to see the booth empty! As a dedicated NY Sheep and Wool goer I’ve never seen it so peaceful. it’s a mad house. So wonderful to see you ladies again this year and drop 1/2 a paycheck in the process:) you make my knitting life a joy. Surfing idea’s for my Yummy Dynamic Duo in Slate/Perfectly wrecked right now. All suggestions appreciated as I want to use every inch of one of my fabulous new purchases.

Elizabeth Kirchner

Please take another picture of Helen. We want to see the person who helps us choose our colors and is such a critical member of the team.

All in all, colors and sweaters are stunning. Love the Sage Brush Killington. :)


Yay! Beautiful sweaters and ladies! Babs, congrats on your first sweater and Helen, thanks for being the rock!


Beautiful Knitted Sweaters Ladies They fit you all perfectly Great Finishing!!!

Aleis Cessna

Beautiful sweaters! I hope you will be at the Southeastern Fiber Fair in Asheville next weekend too! Hope to see you there!


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