Late Spring Use of the Woodstove

What a Way to Treat a Woodstove!

At the end of spring, I had a bunch of yarns that needed a resting spot to do that last bit of drying - and the woodstove came in handy!

I think it looks great dressed up this way!

These are some cotton and rayon yarns that will be coming soon to the website.

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Hi Jenna: I have been crazy with getting ready for a workshop that is now complete! The guild I am talking about is in the Boone area, although there is one or more very active guilds in the Asheville area. Contact me via my contact page for more info about dyeing workshops, etc. Babs


Polyester Filament Yarn – A brief oversight

Polyester Filament Yarn has been on of the good textile products in greater demand due to its tensile capacity. Many products right from fabrics to hosiery and also some home textiles products.

All The Yarns

HI, I found you by accident and am loving the colors of your yarns. I recently moved to the Asheville/Hendersoneville NC area…are you by chance anywhere near here? I think that the Guild you mentioned is in Asheville (but I am not sure). I look forward to hearing from you about your whereabouts as I would love to find some dyeing classes or a place to sign on as temporary slave/underling in order to learn the fine art of dyeing!..jenna

Jenna McCarrick

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