Getting Ready to Go to Chicago.....

A Dyeing Fool - is what I feel like.  We are headed (Jennifer and me) to Chicago (Crystal Lake) on the 15th of July to go to the Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair. This is the second year of the fair, and our first year there.  Since I have Midwest roots, I am looking forward to spending some time with some midwesterners!  Of course, I grew up in Southern Illinois, which is "far" from Chicago.

I will have loads of "monochrome" yarns that are great on their own or coordinated with colorways.  Pictures will be coming in a a day or so. I am also bringing some ravelry name buttons that I ordered that will be available free to the first 150 folks who show up at my booth for them.  (One to a person, please!!) These should be here in a couple of days.

The days before shows are always exciting as the big brown truck seems to show up more frequently bringing supplies.  I love opening boxes :o)  !!

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