Show Preparations...Getting Ready to Go....

We have been busy dyeing and reskeining and labeling and just generally in the last throes of heading to a show. Here's some of the yarn we will be bringing to the show.

Yummy sock yarn

and more yarn:

Yowza Worsted Weight Yarn

and some fiber:

Fiber, rovings and more!

I have been trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that we are taking "everything" to the show, and whether to "zero" all quantities available to buy on the website as they may be gone by the end of the show. I don't have a separate inventory for online sales from show stock at this time.....It basically all goes with us. The studio is getting ready to get very empty!! after weeks of becoming increasingly full.

I have updated my workshops and show page for this year ( does that happen?? that so much time goes by?) Jen and I will be heading to Norman, OK in about 6 weeks to do a dyeing workshop for L&B Yarn Co. at their annual retreat! Can't wait to meet the folks in Norman. Oklahoma land looks so much like some of the land where I grew up in southern Illinois. I love an expanse of land where you can see a long horizon. It feels very comforting to me. It also lets you see the storm clouds gathering up at a long distance...I always loved watching the huge clouds move across a wide sky. I'll try and bring some pictures of what I mean by this.

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