Heading to Norman, OK

Retreat and Workshop

We (Jen - who works with me - and I) will be heading to Norman, Oklahoma this week for a dye workshop/retreat with friends and customers of LB Yarn Co. We will be staying at the Tatanka Ranch which looks very nice and comfortable. I expect that on the way we may seem some rain residual from Hurricane Gustav. Maybe? Hopefully not too much devastation will occur and folks can be back home by then.

The workshop/retreat includes good food and making new friends, plus having fun dyeing sock and sweater yarns on Saturday. There will be prizes and Ravelry buttons and lots of talk about yarn and probably the football and political seasons we are in. There may even be a chance to do a little shopping :o)

After the retreat on Friday and Saturday, we will be heading to Norman and having a meet and greet at LB Yarn Co. on Sunday. We will have yarn with us...as much as we can stuff into my car, along with all the dye accoutrements (stuff). Some things we have already shipped out to the store for Leslie and all to bring to the ranch.

Yesterday's events

I spent yesterday dyeing and as I was getting ready to finish up, my husband, Ron, came to the studio door and said, "When you get to a breaking point, can you help me with something?" I turned around and saw a towel wrapped around his hand and said, "I think I'll stop right now." He had been cutting something on the table saw and pushed his ring finger straight into the blade, nicking the tip of the bone and cutting into the fingernail. We left at 5:30 for the Med Center, got a few stitches in the finger, and we were back home at 7:30. I thought that was a pretty good turnaround. Now, he can't do the dishes....but he can fold the clothes. My husband is funny, calling himself Mr. Babs. He does much of the laundry (and more) for us.

Travelling to Norman

The trek to Norman is a 1000 mile drive each way. We are expecting to drive 700 miles the first day and 300 the second. That way we can get most things set up for the workshop on Friday before the retreat gets into full swing.

Current knitting projects

Now to find a new knitting project for this week/month, we are having a September knit-along on Ravelry in the MissBabs group. I have been working on a Persephone scarf using a laceweight yarn dyed in my New York colorway. Picture to follow.

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Do you have a photo of your scarf? Love to see it!


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