Getting Ready for Winter, Stitches East, and Ramblings

11-14-08 Today is a warm day, so it is hard to think of snow coming sometime soon, or that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, or that Stitches West is 3 months away and I have a lot of work to do between now and then!! But I am looking forward to some downtime in front of the wood stove with my spinning wheel and my knitting needles.

On the needles right now is a sock in the Lilacs monochrome using my Waterfall sock pattern. Hopefully, I will get 2 socks done as opposed to just doing a sample sock. I will be posting pictures of sock samples in the next week of all the samples that have been knit for me by many lovely folks!! Thank you so much!! When I am dyeing for a show, I simply don't even have the energy to knit for myself.

I have been trying to find a yarn that is good for felting. I really like a very smooth finish without a lot of halo and with little stitch visibility. It also needs to take dye like crazy and have a bit of sheen. Oh, and the price needs to be right so I can charge the right price to you...


So the snow that they predicted came along. This is the view from our side door.

More snow has come since I took this picture. I love the woodstove and staying warm that way...but it has already been down into the teens at night which is early in the year for us. Not quite ready for that much change!

I have finished the first sock in lilacs and have also been spinning some 50/50 silk merino that I navajo plied this morning. Over 200 yards out of 4 ounces, so I will be able to make a nice scarf for me, or for someone else. This roving for this was a special order. So it is a one time, non-repeatable colorway (I am not sure all that went into it!) But very nice.

More pictures soon!!

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