Next Year's Shows and Plans

The shows this year were good for me and I am planning to do a busy show schedule for next year. I will be doing 3 of the Stitches events - West, South, and Midwest. I hope to do Maryland Sheep and Wool...keep your fingers crossed for me!! Then the Sock Summit in Portland, OR and SAFF. I am also applying to New York Sheep and Wool - so we'll see!!

I hope to add some patterns for socks this year, along with having samples of more sweaters and other items for folks to see. I wouldn't mind adding some lighter weight yarn(s) for folks in the south and milder parts of the country, but am unsure what folks would like to work with. I have had silk in the past, but the sales of it was uneven and therefore made it difficult for me to keep it. I have added the wool/silk modified laceweight this year, but would like to hear more from folks about what they would like to work with.

I have been working on filling orders from shows and the few wholesale accounts that I have. I will not be taking any time "off" this holiday season, but will be working some slow days in order to recuperate from the year, and get ready for next year.

I am excited about going west this year to 2 different shows and meeting the many customers that I have on the west coast! All for today! It is still cold and I need to go stand in front of the fire to warm up.


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Ooooh, are you doing Maryland Sheep & Wool?? I’d be so thrilled to see your yarns in person – I own one skein and adore it too much to knit with!

Miss Babs

Unfortunately, not doing MDSW, but hopefully I will get in next year!! Come to SAFF this fall!

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