Happy Holidays!!

Thanksgiving weekend...Gosh I love the slowness of the Thanksgiving weekend. No one is here working, except for me. I like having some quiet time to do work in my studio. Often, we are just on the crazy end of busy, and it is nice to have a slower pace. It gives me time to ponder and wander through my brain looking for colors I have seen in the past year.

The travels to other parts of the country have been good because I get to see other landscapes and colors. It enriches my mind's eye. In the midwest, it was wonderful to see the hedgerows at edges of fields and all the colors that hide there...from blooming flowers to decaying trees, intermixed with shadows and light, backed by an incredibly blue sky.

My other favorite thing in the midwest (remember I grew up in the heartland) is/are the summer storms. The scudding thunderclouds that you can see for miles and miles. The sound of the thunder, the rain coming down in sheets, the wind blowing smells from other parts of the country, it's incredible. On our way home this past summer from Chicago, we stopped near Indianapolis in the trailer, and the rainstorm was absolutely wonderful. The next morning, everything seemed clean and fresh, scrubbed by the rain and the wind.

Today, actually looks like there might be Carolina Blue Sky (looking out my window here), and then we're supposed to get a wintry mix later today.

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