End of May - Getting Ready for June

Planting needs to happen!

I need to get the rest of the tomato plants in, and all of the flowers I bought last week at Susan's.  Susan is a member of my fiber guild. Plus I have a knockout rose that I need to put in.  I like to have real flowers at my shows and this one is Stitches South.  It was loaded with blooms.  I need to get the dead blooms cut off and get it into the ground!

Jen, one of the gals who works with me - she comes to shows with me, and I were walking walking around one day this week and she spotted a volunteer columbine.  I was stunned because I have been wanting some columbine and here it was.


We also went down to where I had planted last year's Mother's Day present from my husband.  A dogwood tree that didn't get planted until late.  I was afraid it mighht not make it through the winter, let alone really do anything this spring. But it has been making a show of it! 


Jen's mother is a master gardener and writes a regular column for her local paper and works with the extension office in State College (home of Penn State.)  So Jen knows a lot about plants and helps make sure that the naming of many of my yarns and fibers is pretty authentic.


I am adding some new sock yarns today that I have been using a new technique that I am calling tie-dye because it looks like that to me.  When knit up, it seems to lack any sort of patterning.  The color seems to be randomly placed!  A picture of a sample will be coming shortly!  But here is one of the colorways - it's called Skunk Cabbage!  I just love it! 

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Skunk Cabbage - Tie-Dye Yarn"]Skunk Cabbage - Tie-Dye Yarn[/caption]

Green Tomato Tie-Dye Sock Yarn

Green Tomato Tie-Dye Sock Yarn

In Early June, I go to the Charlotte Knitting Guild to present a program.

I am heading to Charlotte, NC to give a talk at the Guild's monthly meeting about how I come up with ideas for my yarns...plants aren't the only basis for my yarns....but I'll leave that for another time.  I have more to talk about too!  I am excited to see Lynda Murray, and Jane, and all of the other gals from the guild!!  One of the wonderful parts of this fiber addiction is making friends from many different parts of the world.

Oh, and congratulations Lynda!! ~~~~~~~~

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