Sock Summit is Coming!!

I just realized this morning that not everyone knows about the Sock Summit that is happening in Portland, Oregon this August.  It is always amazing when you have something going on in your life (in a consuming type fashion) and you realize that, Oh my Gawd, you don't know about that?!? 

So here's where I try and let folks know about this very big event that is coming up.  This first Sock Summit is being organized by Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts fame (Socks that Rock) and Stephanie McPhee of  The Yarn Harlot fame.  Tina is a well-known dyer and Stephanie has written books and regularly blogs about her knitting and life.

Just to give you an idea of how big this is, class registration was opened last Tuesday at 10 a.m. PDT. There were approximately 4000 class/event seats available.  Thirty thousand people accessed the site at 10 a.m.  30,000! and the server crashed! That's totally amazing!  There are over 20 well-known knitting teachers, including Barbara Walker who is nearing 80 years of age.  The teachers are coming from around the world.

I think this also speaks to the power of Ravelry, to the strength of interest in knitting, to... I think it is simply stunning!  People ARE knitting socks!  Although there will be more than socks at the venue -this is a prime focus of the show.  So come west, north, south, or east and visit the sock museum, visit vendors...I feel this is going to be the beginning of a new level of interest in knitting.  Tell your friends, your significant others, your friends and co-workers. Wind them up!!  Let them know you aren't alone in your knitting/fiber obsession!

This morning is cold enough to crank a little heat on just to take the chill off the house.  But I will be heading out to the studio to do some more dyeing as I try to finish one wholesale order and get ready to start on a couple of big ones coming up.  I will also be doing dyeing for the Sock Summit as I dye for others!!

And I am working on new colors and colorways for the Sock Summit and for Stitches Midwest and SAFF.  Is there anything you would like to see??

My tomato plants are coming along!!  The german pinks look outstanding in spite of the cooler weather.  But they have all been enjoying the rain.

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oh sock summit looks so awesome i wish i could go .


You don’t know how much I wish I could go to Sock Summit. I’ve been following its development on the Yarn Harlot blog, stunned at the overwhelming success, and horrified at the carnage following the IT mess. There’s no way those poor knitting-world ignorant IT folks could have known how word gets around among us, and how many of us there are. Now they know, huh?


It’s so great that you are coming to Sock Summit! I was one who got caught in the “carnage” that was registration morning… but just to show that Tina and Stephanie did not at all deserve the horrific things that were written to them, and about them, Tina took time out of her own extraordinarily busy schedule, to make sure I was scheduled for two things I wanted, and I am going, after all. I am THRILLED. I am also going to get to meet you! KEWL. I have loved spinning the fibers and knitting the yarns I bought from you last year. I have been on a yarn diet this year. As for yarn requests, I WANT BFL (LOVE IT… the best grown in the US, and the biggest farm west of the Mississippi, is Tumble Creek Farm, Robina Koenig outside of Bend, Oregon, and she’s become a personal friend, though I have no interest in her business, other than buying as much as I can! If you want great homegrown, BFL fiber, she’s your source!

I’d love to see more silk combination yarns, in laceweight and sock weight. So many times, I want to have a more monochromatic yarn, to show off the stitches. I have a sock pattern (lacy) for you (my own). I love green, too! I am on your shop site, looking at greens for a lace project… need more green!

See you in a few weeks!


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