Colorway Naming Contest - Time to Vote!!

The Colorway Naming Contest has been incredible!! Over 1000 great name suggestions from over 800 people! Amazing!

Just to review:
The winner gets a choice of 2 skeins of sock yarn while the second and third place names each get 1 skein. Each winner will also get goodies! Also please remember, a number of the entry names were submitted by more than one person, so....if the winning names are one of those names, we will use randomly generated numbers to select which person will win the prize. (Hope that is not too confusing!!)

Now it is time to vote. I am including a picture of the yarn again so you can look at it while you are voting.

[caption id="attachment_125" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Name It Colorway"]Name It Colorway[/caption]

[poll id="2"]


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Miss Babs

RSS link is to the right of the page.


Go fairy farts!!!


I think ‘Fairy Farts’ is a funny name for the yarn. I think ‘Frog Princess’ is a perfect name for it!

Elyse Worstell

Thanks for the post, however cant find the rss link. Can you let me know where it is.


I am still trying to stop laughing after reading ‘Fairy Farts’!

What an absolutely precious name.

Unfortunately for me, the phrase evokes colors of silver, pale blue and sparkles. Never mind what goes on in my head :D

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