MissBabs Makes Big Error!!

Okay folks, I know you think I am pretty invincible, but I am not!!!! I will admit that I have been dyeing many hours a day and all the other activities that go into getting ready for a show, plus doing just stuff of life...oh yeah, I have a life, too! Husband, dogs, daughter, SIL, grandkids, yard work, gardening....all have been greatly neglected in the readying of yarns and fibers for Sock Summit!, followed by Stitches Midwest, and SAFF. Okay, now I am whining....and I hate whining!!

So on to my error!! Big time!! As entries came in for the colorway naming contest, I collected them onto a spreadsheet. This transferring often occurred at 4 a.m. or while I was watching TV in the evening after dyeing all day (whining again!) Anyway, I managed to miss that another person entered the name Frog Princess which is the first place name! "Miss O" Her name will be more completely revealed later today! So...there will be First Place Co-Winners! Each will get a Super Prize of 2 skeins of yarn (of their choice!) plus a bunch of other goodies!

And since I just want to make sure there is symmetry (I do love symmetry and balance in most things), we will be announcing co-winners for both second and third place names. Those individuals are being notified as I write this, and I expect to hear back from them soon. I will add pictures today!

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