Last Few Days Before SAFF, 2009

Well, I promised a few pictures of what we have been doing out in the studio. This doesn't show everything, by any means....but here we go!


Pile of Yarn

A Third Pile of Yarn

Piles and stacks of yarn and fiber that haven't been hung up yet on racks. Hanging will start in earnest today. We have to move some stuff out of the studio before we can do that though and iit was just too cold yesterday to open the doors of the studio and let the outside come in and the inside go out. Hopefully today will be better, that is warmer!

Racks waiting to be loaded

The sun came out yesterday! It has been so rainy that the yarn has been slow to dry. We've been having to take it in and hang some of it by the wood stove so it can dry in the dry heat.

Yarn Drying by the Wood Stove

Here's a some new colorways....
Journey and Lake Michigan Colorways

This is a Crazy Sock using colors left at the end of the day!

The top picture has Journey and Lake Michigan Colorways. The bottom picture is a Crazy Sock - and there's only a few of them. I dye these with leftovers at the end of a day or two of dyeing. This is how I came up with Jazz Club and also Frog Princess.

Can't wait to see everyone.

My sister Jeannie is also coming again this year. She will be doing demonstrations of sock cast ons, ball winding and kitchener stitch help. So bring your socks that need kitchener stitching and she will help you!

The schedule of her demonstrations will be listed later today or tomorrow!

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Oh boy, am I in trouble! And I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any yarn at SAFF – only fiber – I’d better stay away from your booth then!

elizabeth in birmingham

Yea!!! Go Babs!!!


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